Jim Morris

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Whether Jim Morris plays by himself or as Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band, I think we'd all agree his music is reminiscent of early Buffett. But Jim definitely stands out as a very talented lyricist and musician in his own right. The first time I saw JM & the BBB I had only heard one song of Jim's, but by the end of the night I knew Jim and the boys would definitely become a band that I'd want to hear over and over again. I won a CD, bought a CD, and (accidentally) stole a CD (Mike) that night. Since then I've Jim Morris & the BBB many times. For those of you that haven't had that pleasure, I highly recommend it!

Me and Jim Morris at Double Nickel Pub, St James City, Pine Island, FL - Feb 3, 2002

Rob, Jim Morris, Me, and Craig - Oct 2001, Baltimore, NC

Jim, Anne, Rob, Me, and Ally at the Casa Marina in Key West, FL during MOTM 2001 - Oct 31 2001

Me, Jim Morris, and Rob - Feb 2001, Greensboro, NC

Me, Sunny Jim, Jim Morris, and Craig - Aug 2001, Alexandria VA

Me and Jim Morris at The Jetty, - Sept 2001, Kent Island MD