Jimmy Buffett shows up at Mac MacAnally's concert at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, July 9, 1999

Sorry these pictures aren't the best quality, but they wouldn't let us use a flash during the show (completely understandable), and I don't have a zoom, but enjoy anyway!

Read all about Jimmy's appearance at the Variety Playhouse

kbjb1_tn.jpg 2.2K
Unfortunately Jimmy turned his head to sign something else before the picture of me and him was snapped, but it was still a pretty nice treat for my 50th Buffett concert!

jbsign1_tn.jpg 1.8K
Jimmy walks out and mingles and signs autographs for a bit

jbsign2_tn.jpg 2.0K
This girl is a little upset. She hugged Jimmy and then asked for a kiss. He said "I don't do that shit"

jbmac1_tn.jpg 1.9K
The show gets started!

jbmac2_tn.jpg 1.7K
Mac telling another funny story before he sings

justjb_tn.jpg 1.7K
Jimmy at his best

jbmacpeter_tn.jpg 1.9K
Jimmy, Mac, and Peter are jamming in this crystal clear photo :)

jbbook1_tn.jpg 2.2K
Jimmy picks up a book to sign....

jbbook2_tn.jpg 2.3K
....and signs it.

group1_tn.jpg 3.3K
A couple of us from the WAPHC with Mac as well as some Richmond and Atlanta Club members

redstripe_tn.jpg 2.0K
Remember the Red Stripe beer Jimmy said he was drinking on the balcony while watching Mac's show? He left it there after he got up. This is it! (I know I look kinda dorky in this picture)