Jimmy Buffett @ Mac McAnally's show @ The State Theatre in Falls Church, VA Aug 27, 1999

By the way Jimmy, these pictures were taken without a flash.

I attended two Mac McAnally shows this summer, and Jimmy showed up at both! It was a huge pleasure seeing Jimmy up close like this twice within a few weeks. Jimmy is so much more relaxed and personable -- talking, joking, and bullshitting like he's your best friend. Read about the other show and see the picts by clicking here Enjoy the picts -- KBJ

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As you can probably see from the expression on his face, in the picture to the left, Jimmy is a little peeved at someone who has taken a picture with a flash after he asked that no more flashes be used. I was standing right there when he leaned over and said "I asked you not to do that anymore damnit!" Thanks to Mike for this picture.