Jimmy Buffett's Acoustic Harvest Moon Benefit Concert at the Bay Street Theatre Saturday November 20, 1999

Read all about my experience from first row center at this concert.

Okay, I know these pictures suck, but we couldn't use a flash (nor would I expect them to let us use a flash), so what the hell...bad pictures are better than no pictures!

jimmyhandshot_tn.jpg 2.4K
Jimmy's assistant Mike hands him the rum shot he asked for before performing God's Own Drunk

baystreetticket_tn.jpg 2.6K
Imagine my excitement when I picked up my tickets and they said "Row A, Center Section" -- we were right in front of Jimmy's microphone!

montessoribrochure_tn.jpg 2.4K
The cover of the benefit program

jimmyshot_tn.jpg 2.9K
...And Jimmy drinks some of the rum shot

montessorikids_tn.jpg 1.4K
The kids at the Peconic Montessori School thank Jimmy (including Delaney)

ken_tn.jpg 3.0K
Me outside the Bay Street Theatre

jimmynewguitar_tn.jpg 2.6K
Jimmy was very proud of this new guitar that he used for the first time publicly to play Grape Fruit Juicy Fruit

delaneyart_tn.jpg 2.2K
Delaney's art

craig_tn.jpg 3.4K
Craig outside the Bay Street Theatre

jimmyflowers_tn.jpg 3.3K
A little girl (Delaney??) handed Jimmy some flowers after the concert

sagharborexpress_tn.jpg 2.5K
An article about the concert from the Sag Harbor Express (large file ~291k)

seats_tn.jpg 2.0K
This picture was taken from Jimmy's vantage point after the show. Just goes to show you how small the place was -- about 10 rows of seats. That was my actual seat by the way.

And a few more dark, grainy, crappy pictures of Jimmy...

jimmy3_tn.jpg 2.2K

jimmyjams_tn.jpg 3.1K

jimmy2_tn.jpg 2.3K

jimmy1_tn.jpg 2.8K

jimmylaugh_tn.jpg 2.6K