Front Row Center at Merriweather Post Pavilion - August 22, 1998

Although I didn't have a flash on my camera, I was threatened with "being asked to leave" several times by the usher. So you better enjoy these!!! Between these pictures, Jimmy shaking my hand several times -- and signing my copy of "A Pirate Looks At Fifty", this was one concert to remember!

Some pictures have a zoomed version as well as the regular version.
All pictures are copyright © Kenneth B Jenkins


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Smart Women In Real Short Skirts! In the picture to the left, Amy Lee and Nadira surprised Jimmy while he was singing Smart Woman. I believe this was a Merriweather exclusive for '98.


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Jimmy gets a good look at Heather. You gotta wonder what he's thinking here. Jimmy3


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SignAutog In the picture to the left, Jimmy stopped singing during Brown Eyed Girl to sign autograph for the brown eyed girl behind me who couldn't seem to keep her shirt on. Jimmy was obviously looking at her during the show on numerous occasions. Jimmy1 Jimmy2
The lovely Heather

Nadira singing during the song Kinja
Taking a bow
Taking a bow
InTheFins If you look really close, you can see Jimmy wallowing in the inflatable sharks while playing his guitar during Fins. Obviously I didn't take this one from front row. CarnivalStage
Just the stage.