An Early Christmas for the Washington Area Parrothead Club
Florida - December 1998

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flaTikiIn1.jpg 4.0K
In the Tiki Hut

flaTikiOut1.jpg 3.5K
We gotta get one of these!

flaCarBack100dpi4.jpg 2.8K
Ragtop Day!

getReady100dpi4.jpg 2.7K
Getting ready for the next concert

aliceJailbait100dpi4.jpg 3.0K
These girls are a little too young for Craig

andyHat100dpi4.jpg 3.0K
Andy with THE badass hat

budCouch100dpi4.jpg 3.2K
We need a couch like this

aliceDigger100dpi4.jpg 3.2K
This chick was so cool

kbjJailbait100dpi4.jpg 3.1K

rockCorona100dpi4.jpg 2.6K
Rock & Dave relaxing with a Corona

wallyOrlando100dpi4.jpg 3.4K

aliceTikiDude100dpi4.jpg 2.7K
The tiki hut dude!

aliceCongaLine100dpi4.jpg 2.6K
Forming a conga line with Tina

aliceTina100dpi4.jpg 3.0K
Alice and Tina

heather100dpi4.jpg 3.1K
Kenny & Alice with Heather

As you can see, we got a chance to party with Club Trini in Orlando!

nadira100dpi4.jpg 2.7K
Kenny & Alice with Nadira

onTv100dpi4.jpg 3.1K
We were on the local news all night

utleyG100dpi4.jpg 2.3K
Utley & Robert G

captTony100dpi4.jpg 3.4K
Captain Tony!