Buffett at Guild Hall, East Hampton, NY - Oct 13, 2001

Third Annual Acoustic Harvest Moon Benefit Concert
for the Peconic Montessori School

pic9_tn.jpg 2.5K
Jimmy really appeared to enjoy himself during the entire show

pic10_tn.jpg 2.5K
As you can see here, JB played from the heart on every song

jb1_tn.jpg 2.3K
You think Jimmy's having some fun here?

pic8_tn.jpg 2.5K

group1_tn.jpg 2.7K
Here are some of the group having an appetizer and a few drinks at a local pub in East Hampton

guildhall_tn.jpg 2.5K
Rob and Ally in front of Guild Hall

GuildHall2001Program_tn.jpg 2.5K

pic7_tn.jpg 2.8K
Ralph MacDonald and Robert G. joined Jimmy for most of the show

group2_tn.jpg 2.9K
The entire group from WAPHC poses for a pic

GuildHall2001Ticket_tn.jpg 2.4K
My ticket - Row E, seat 114

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pic5_tn.jpg 2.3K
Jimmy's telling another one of his many stories

pic6_tn.jpg 2.6K
Jimmy draws the winning ticket for the raffle

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pic1_tn.jpg 2.3K

kenbostonboys_tn.jpg 2.8K
Here I am with the Boston Boys