Jimmy Buffett in Greensboro NC, Feb 17 2001

Pictures from the Pre-Concert Party with
Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band

group1_tn.jpg 2.5K
Craig's crazy cousin Bo, Me, Dave, Craig, and Adam

jim_tn.jpg 2.3K
Jim Morris is singing another one of his great tunes.

mejimrob_tn.jpg 2.7K
We ran into Jim Morris during a late night (early morning) run to the adjacent convenience store.

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Those antibiotics have finally cleared up that growth on my head.

group2_tn.jpg 2.7K
The Ticketmeister with Craig and his cousins.

greensboro_tix_tn.jpg 2.7K
Not just anybody can get these prime tickets.

Well it was quite a whirlwind weekend. Not a minute to spare... Craig came down to Fairfax for the first 2 hours of his commute to Margaritaville. Our Three Day Drunk immediately found a place to happen. Saturday morning Dave joined us for the trip to Greensboro. It started out rainy, but by the time we hit the NC border, the weather turned sunny and even started warming up. Due to some misread directions, we took a nice long tour through High Point, NC. It was rather entertaining though. I mean how many towns do you know that have a High Point University and a Horneytown Rd? And we can't forget that High Point is neighboring Climax, NC. It's hard to go wrong in this place. Anyway, with Dave's GPS and my gas station map, we finally made it out of the ghettos of High Point and accidentally found our way to the party hotel where the tailgating begin. The weather suspiciously warmed up to a balmy breeze as if the weather Gods knew that Buffett was blowing into town, and we quickly hooked up with other parrotheads and headed on over to Carey's for the pre-concert-day festivities. We saw some old friends and made some new ones, then headed on back to the hotel and hung out for a while with GatorDave and Co.

After the worst breakfast of my life at the local Waffle House, we headed on over to Carey's, the site of the pre-concert festivities hosted by the Triad Parrot Head Club. There was plenty of free food and fun times for all. Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band cranked up about 2:20 or so and jammed all afternoon, cranking out hit after hit. Mike The Muff Diver was an especially crowd pleasing song. The crowd was really into Jim and the band. There was only one little problem. About 4pm, we had drank the bar out of beer. Yes folks, that's right. The bar ran out of beer. Luckily this was a brief situation. An "emergency" shipment of Corona was whisked in and all was well :-) The Triad Parrot Head Club put on an awesome show and must be commended! It was definitely a first class operation! They had to practically tear us away from the bar and Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band so we could head on over to the Buffett concert. But onward we went...in 10 large tour buses...hundreds of parrotheads in buses heading on over to the Buffett show.

When we pulled into the Greensboro Coliseum parking lot, the tailgating was in full swing despite the cold weather. When Buffett comes to town, it seems the weather is beautiful, even if the barometer soup is a little cold. Once off the bus, I immediately sold my extra ticket to a very reputable scalper :-) We headed inside to locate our seats and picked up some $6 brewskis. I ran into my friend Darryl from the Triad Parrot Head Club while I was on the move. Darryl is a talented guitarist and singer who can do some mean Buffett acoustic work. He was supposed to be the opening act for Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band, but work called.

Well the concert itself didn't really present any major surprises. But, as usual, it was an awesome experience. I have never been to a Jimmy Buffett concert that disappointed me. Jimmy always manages to make all the songs seem fresh and throw in a few twists. He did sing a new song, called "Tequila". Supposedly it will be on the new album, allegedly coming out soon. He introduced Heather as "From Temptation Island, it's Heather 'I'm from anywhere you want me' to be Perry..." He seemed to get a kick out of the whole Heather on Temptation Island thingy. Hell it is the first time that I can recall that Jimmy's been mentioned in The National Enquirer (due to Heather being in the show). Parrotvision did show the footage of Jimmy getting kicked out of the Miami Heat game. Boy has Jimmy gotten a lot of mileage out of that one! Also featured on Parrotvision was a girl with a "I Had My Ass Tattooed For Jimmy Buffett" poster. Jimmy certainly seemed to get a kick outta that young lady's dedication. Dave and I spent quite a bit of time hanging out with all the different crowds of people that we knew in the arena, which seemed to be half the arena. Hung out with Rob Ticketmeister's group for a while, then on to hang out with Craig and Cousins. Then on for another round... We were very mobile that night.

We finally made it back from the Buffett concert to Carey's where Jim Morris and the Big Bambo Band was once again in full swing. Were the highlights of this day ever going to end? It didn't seem so, but finally in the wee hours the band stopped and we took the shuttle bus back to the hotel. Now the original story was that shortly after Dave and I took the shuttle back to the hotel the driver got a dwi. Apparently the Coconut Telegraph was working overtime, because this is not true. There were some mechanical difficulties with the vans. Apologies to the driver and all involved!

Of course, there were still plenty of parrotheads in full swing at the hotel. But me, Ticketmeister, and Ally decided it was time for some solid nutrition,so we headed on over to the local convenience store. While we were eyeing all the delectable goods in the fridge, thinking that everything looks like the best food we've ever seen, guess who should walk in, but Jim Morris. We talked to him for a while, got a few autographs, told him how wonderful he was and that we couldn't wait for the cd release party in Richmond on April 7. Jim Morris was extremely cool to talk to. He is a very laid back guy who appreciates his fans.

Anyway, I've gone on way too long, but I haven't done a write-up of a concert in quite a while, so what the hell. It was fun, hopefully Buffett will tour more than rumoured this year, but if not, Jim Morris and the Big Bambo Band will be there to fill in the gaps!

Fins up!