Fantasy Fest 2004
Key West, FL - Oct 30-31, 2004

This was my first trip to Fantasy Fest and all I can say is...WOW! It is definitely quite a party...kinda like Mardi Gras on steroids. If you are offended by nudity and other debauchery, then you might want to leave this page now.

NOTE: Some uptight asshole complained about one of my Fantasy Fest pictures on, so I have had to mark my Fantasy Fest and Mardis Gras pix as "moderate". That just means you need to log into your Yahoo, Google, or Facebook account before you can view them if they're on Flickr. You're probably already logged in anyway. Just click on the link and it'll let you know if you need to log in. Not all of the pix are on Flickr.

Click here to go to all of my Fantasy Fest pictures. There are about 100 of them. I was only there for Saturday, which is the grand finale day. A lot of these pictures are from the parade. There are a few select pictures below in a higher resolution than you will see in the dotPhoto album above.

Below, are a few select pictures in a higher resolution than you will see in my dotPhoto albums.

The first place I visited...